Friday, 2 October 2009

ID cards - the thin end of Labours totalitarian aims.

You thought ID cards were bad enough?

Well socialist thinking is *far* more dangerous than that. Wait till you hear what Labours Parliamentary candidate in South East Cambridgeshire has planned...

He wants a register of everyone who buys tobacco or alcohol!

His argument starts with the usual socialist argument of 'It costs the NHS' so we must control it... The 'cost to the NHS' is used by totalitarian socialists to justify many of their evil plans. If the NHS doesn't want to treat people, they should simply give people their money back and let them sort out their own medical care - private health companies would be delighted to sell people the care they really want.

However, not satisfied with dumping on people who enjoy a tipple, he somehow ropes tobacco smokers onto his register too!

As well as drinkers, he wants smokers to have a licence and to have penalty points if they abuse tobacco (he doesn't even try to describe what this tobacco abuse might be!). Collect too many points and you get banned...

I want to know what substance John Cowan (for that is his name) and the labour association who selected him were on to come up with such an oppressive idea, and how he has the nerve to actually mention it in public! One thing is for sure, unless he is mentally derranged it must be something far, far stronger than the products he wants on his register/licence.

Thank goodness Labour are soon to be reduced to a foot note in British history.

Full text of this mad suggestion from:

Drinkers' Licences: A radical new way to curb drinking excess?
By John Cowan

Down in Brighton for Labour Party Conference one thing that was noticeable was the large amounts of alcohol consumed over the weekend - and not just by the conference delegates.

Most people are responsible users and are able to have a few drinks and enjoy themselves without causing damage to either others or the local environment.

However, not all drinkers and users of other substances are able to handle their use of booze in such a responsible manner. At weekends, most A&E departments house those suffering from alcohol poisoning, assaults and drink related accidents. It takes much needed resources from the NHS which could be used for other purposes.

Prohibition of alcohol, like any other drug, does not work. It was tried in the 1920s in the US and resulted in making the likes of Al Capone rich men.

One possible solution could be an entitlement card that people would carry and swipe when every time they buy Alcohol or Tobacco and record their usage. Is that too radical? I don't think so. For a long time the Government have controlled motorists with a system of licences where people enjoy the right and freedom to drive - as long as they conform to certain rules.

With the card, people who got into trouble for, say, minor crimes or drunk and disorderly conduct in public would receive a fixed penalty notice and 3 points on their entitlement card with points disappearing over time for in the same way works on driving licences.

More serious offences would result in endorsements on the entitlement card and the cardholder would not be able to purchase alcohol, tobacco or other drugs available for sale through the entitlement card scheme.

The main benefits of the policy would be reduction in the health care and crime costs associated with use of substances hopefully leading for more better functioning society.